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Rock Solid - Heavenly Wise We Can Have Morality Without Religion 10 Truths About America's Christian Heritage
Our present economic distress has the same source as the distress the Israelites faced in the time of Malachi the prophet. In this full-length message by Dr. D. James Kennedy, you'll discover the solution that God gave to Israel is still the solution today for our economic problems. In this compelling full-length sermon, Dr. D. James Kennedy disproves the myth that society can function without religious principles and exposes man-made morality as refutable and unreliable. This DVD addresses the lies that are being promulgated in schools and history books across our land and shows the true roots of our nation’s origin and the strength that has come to us through this heritage.
God And Country God Helps Those Who help Themselves Creationism:  Science or Religion
God And Country
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What should be the relationship between “God and country” in our nation today? In this full-length message, preached from the text of Psalm 33:12, Dr. D. James Kennedy shows that if our nation is to continue to be preserved, America must once again seek the proper relationship between “God and country.” This powerful full-length sermon by Dr. D. James Kennedy debunks the deception that mankind is completely capable of saving and sustaining itself. Dr. Kennedy exposes this myth by revealing the truth about salvation in Jesus Christ. In this full-length sermon, preached in 1986, Dr. Kennedy says Christians need to become more informed about the debate between evolutionists and creationists. Evolution is based upon faith and violates so many laws of science it is mathematically impossible. Scientific creationism gives evidence for creation from many branches of science.