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Is There Any Hope for America?

In the book, Let Freedom Ring, key Christian leaders come together to detail America’s founding principles, where we’ve gone wrong, and what we can do to reclaim our freedom. And in doing so, they show that there is hope for America!

Chapters cover:

  • The genius of the Constitution
  • The history of the Separation of Church and State
  • The state of religious liberty in modern America
  • The Bible and life
  • The need for Christian cultural engagement
  • And more

Keep the copy as is through the chapter listing, and then use the copy below.

We will send you the enlightening book Let Freedom Ring plus our ministry-exclusive DVD, Invasion: The Left’s Long March on Christian America. You will hear from noted author and speaker Dr. Os Guinness as he looks at our cultural moment, including the Marxist thinkers who still influence much of the educational system and our media today. And popular author and podcaster, Alisa Childers weighs in on how Leftist beliefs are hijacking many once–faithful churches—exposing “woke” evangelical Christianity.

Both resources, the book Let Freedom Ring and the DVD Invasion, will help you see clearly the foundations of America, how we’ve departed from them, and what we must do to get them back.


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