Truths That Transform: Great Truths to Touch and Transform Your Life


Truths That Transform reflects Dr. Kennedys extensive knowledge and understanding of the Bible and spiritual truths. It is ideal for those seeking to understand the great truths of the historic Christian faith. This 2nd edition replaces the King James Version of the Scripture texts with the English Standard Version.

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“In a culture that has become almost entirely experientially oriented, there is a crucial need for the eternal verities of God’s Word. I have therefore, endeavored to set forth in these pages in popular fashion some of the great truth of the historic Christian faith. … The great old truths of the faith put iron in people’s backbones and enable them to stand tall for Christ. Herein are contained some of the great teachings of Christianity that God has used throughout centuries to bless lives, transform people, and build His Church.”

So wrote Dr. D. James Kennedy in his Preface to the first edition of Truths That Transform in 1974. Since then, it has been reprinted twice, and now, this second edition is offered with the scriptures in the contemporary English Standard Version.

It was Dr. Kennedy’s specific request before he went home to be with the Lord that this book be reprinted and made available as widely as possible and that it remain in print so that anyone seeking to understand these great truths of the historic Christian faith would have access to it.

Truths That Transform not only reflects the finest work of Dr. Kennedy and his extensive knowledge and understanding of the Bible and spiritual truths, it also reflects the work of the many great theologians and leaders whom he consulted as he wrote it, including Augustine, Luther, Calvin, Knox, A.A. Hodge, Kuyper, Schaeffer, and many others. His ultimate goal, however, was “to be faithful to the Holy Scriptures, which are the only infallible rule of faith and practice and which are to be the final authority in all matters of religion.”

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