Thieves of Liberty


This 2-DVD set contains two of Dr. D. James Kennedy’s classic sermons that show the true historical foundations of our nation and the importance of keeping God in the public square.

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This 2-DVD set contains two of Dr. D. James Kennedy’s classic sermons. On Memorial Day, 2001, Dr. Kennedy preached “Remember Our Foundations.” As a national holiday, this day should be observed as a time of national reflection and remembrance. But we often fail to do so, says Dr. Kennedy, because “as a nation we are suffering a severe case of national amnesia.” Historical revisionists have been at work on our history textbooks, and students are taught nothing of the spiritual history of our nation. Dr. Kennedy gives a panoramic overview of highlights of that history in this powerful sermon, concluding with, “Let us remember who we were that we might know who we ought to be.”

“We are engaged in a great civil war,” says Dr. Kennedy in his message, “The Greatest Struggle.” “It’s not a war with bullets and bayonets, but it is a moral and spiritual war.” It is a war for the very soul of America. According to George Washington, the “father of our country,” “The essence of the American Constitution is that the opinion of the majority shall prevail.” Yet, today there are various minorities trying to impose their will upon the majority. Eventually, the end result would be despotism—government by a dictator. The “wall of separation between church and state” has been used to secularize our government and keep God out of every part of the public square. As Christians we need to be part of the solution and get engaged in the greatest struggle in the world—between faith and unbelief.

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