AMERICA’S GREATEST HERO: Honoring God’s Role in America’s Founding

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In this fascinating review of history prior the arrival of the Pilgrims in North America, Dr. Kennedy shows how none of the efforts of those who had earlier set their sights on these shores succeeded due to God’s guiding hand.

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We celebrate our military heroes on Veterans’ Day, and note our great presidents on Presidents’ Day, but there is one hero, who, Dr. D. James Kennedy says, is most often forgotten, increasingly overlooked, and almost never mentioned in our history books.

However, He did more to establish our nation than any other, and if it were not for His guiding hand, our nation would not have been established as a Christian nation treasuring religious liberty. Rather, as Dr. Kennedy shows, we might well have been under the thumb of the king of Spain, the president of France, or even some Muslim caliph.

In this fascinating review of history prior to America’s founding, Dr. Kennedy shows that none of the efforts of those who had set their eyes on the North American continent succeeded. Rather, “God, the sovereign ruler of the seas, the winds, the waves, and the storm brought the Pilgrims here that we might have a strong evangelical Christian nation, and that we might go from here to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.”

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