12 Reasons Why I BELIEVE: Solid Evidence for the Christian Faith


12 Reasons Why I Believe will help you clarify your thinking on the foundational issues of faith such as Creation, Heaven and Hell, the Virgin Birth, the Resurrection, the Holy Spirit, the return of Christ, and more. You will be equipped to clearly articulate and better defend why you believe.

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Challenges from unbelievers confront us daily. Television, books, movies, politicians, and social media subject our faith to questioning in so many ways. Let 12 Reasons Why I Believe be your guide in today’s culture wars.

Can you or your family defend your faith against critics and unbelievers? This powerful declaration of what Christians believe and why will help you clarify your thinking on foundational issues of faith. Chapters include:

  • Why I Believe in the Bible
  • Why I Believe in God
  • Why I Believe in Creation
  • Why I Believe in Heaven
  • Why I Believe in Hell
  • Why I Believe in Moral Absolutes

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