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Truth in Action Q&A - What Does The Bible Teach About Gender Identity? Answers From The Founding Fathers, In the Footsteps of Giants God Loves a Hilarious Giver

One of the Truth in Action Q&A Series booklets, “What Does the Bible Teach About Gender Identity?” lays out common arguments from the opposition, while equipping readers to defend the Biblical standpoint on this challenging issue.

Dr. Jerry Newcombe, co-host of the television program, Kennedy Classics, takes a look at some of the core principles our founding fathers followed in establishing a nation that was uniquely fashioned “only for a moral and religious people,” and he shows how these principles will give us the answers we need for modern America, if we will but follow them now.

How is it possible to be a cheerful giver, even a "hilarious" one? In this full-length sermon, Dr. D. James Kennedy shares why we can give cheerfully of our tithes and offerings, and he tells the stories of a number of Christians who have done so and have seen God open the “windows of heaven” to bless them.
Days of Patriotism Innocent Blood: Challenging the Powers of Death with the Gospel of Life Ending Financial Fears
Days of Patriotism
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As “Patriot’s Day” was about to be celebrated in 2006, Dr. Kennedy showed the clear difference between Islam and Christianity and challenged America’s patriots to defeat the plans of the ungodly and stand fast against those who would destroy this country.

Innocent Blood: Challenging the Powers of Death with the Gospel of Life is a concise, clear, and easy-to-read book by pro-life leader John Ensor that looks at the issue of abortion from a biblical and gospel-based perspective. The book calls and prepares Christians to stand up against the slaughter of innocents and combat abortion with the power of the Gospel.

In this full-length sermon Dr. D. James Kennedy presents evidence of America’s Christian origin. Then he challenges the viewer, in light of these foundations and the bedrock of Scripture, to be willing to sacrifice so that once again our nation might become a “city set upon a hill.”