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We seek to communicate through media, and in “ways yet undreamed of,” the Gospel, the Lordship of Christ, and a Biblically informed view of the world, so that “Jesus Christ be known throughout all of the Earth and that everywhere He might be trusted, loved, and served.” More about us »

Meaning for Life “Demanding Tolerance:” Losing our Freedom to Disagree The Pilgrim Legacy
Meaning for Life
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The Pilgrim Legacy
Donation: $20.00
In this full-length message, preached in 2004 from the text, Act 17:6, Dr. D. James Kennedy challenges Christians to “change the world.”

This short, easy-to-read book lays out common arguments made in the name of “tolerance” against basic Christian doctrines and beliefs and equips you to answer these arguments with truth and grace.

This single DVD includes a message by Dr. D. James Kennedy, which he delivered at the National Monument to America’s forefathers in Plymouth, Massachusetts, on August 5, 1989. Also included is a 21-minute feature on the Christian principles the Pilgrims followed in establishing the first self-governing colony in America.
America's Greatest Hero Angels & Demons America For God
America's Greatest Hero
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Angels & Demons
Donation: $80.00
America for God
Donation: $15.00
In this full-length message, preached on the text of Proverbs 14:34, Dr. D. James Kennedy unveils America’s “greatest Hero,” the one who did more for America’s freedom than any other: God. 4-DVD Set

Angels & Demons is a collection of four DVD messages from Dr. D. James Kennedy on the nature and reality of supernatural forces. Throughout the series, Dr. Kennedy provides a clear-headed and biblical look at these Spiritual powers.

Dr. D. James Kennedy delivered this challenging message on July 4, 1986, in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D. C., for the 3rd Continental Congress on the Christian Worldview.