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Philadelphia Faith & Freedom Guide: Curriculum Freedom's Holy Light: With a Firm Reliance on Devine Providence Lessons on Liberty
Lessons on Liberty
Suggested Donation $10.00

Includes: Curriculum, Philadelphia Guide, Guide DVD – US History/Civics/Character Education/English – Lower and Upper Grade Adaptable – Unit Based – 1/2 credit – Writing Emphasis – Creative Activities – Adapts well to co-op or large family

Freedom’s Holy Light offers a historical overview of the important role that belief in God has played in our nation from it’s inception. In simple, short, easily digestable chapters, Dr. Lillback highlights the role of God and His Providence in such things as the Declaration of Independence, The Great Seal, and our National Anthem.

Designed for all ages and packed with colorful illustrations, this entertaining and educational hardcover book uses a simple alphabet poem to guide the reader through the fundamental principles of American liberty.

George Washington & Israel Philadelphia Faith & Freedom Guide Wall of Misconception
George Washington & Israel
Suggested Donation $10.00
Philadelphia Faith & Freedom Guide
Suggested Donation $7.00
Wall of Misconception
Suggested Donation $17.00

Dr. Lillback's insightful work researches the question, "Is it inherently American to be pro-Israel?" While it is true Israel did not exist in Washington’s day, in fact, the British Balfour Declaration of 1917 began the process of establishing Israel 130 years after the US Constitution was written. Yet, could the evidence from Washington’s life and writings show that he knew far more about Israel than most thought possible? Within its pages, Dr. Lillback answers that question and reveals what other American presidents have to say on this very timely topic.

Take a walking tour of America’s Founding City, Philadelphia, where faith and freedom worked together to forge American Liberty. From Independence Hall to Valley Forge, learn the known and forgotten religious heritage and fun facts about the founding of our nation.

Within the pages of Wall of Misconception, Dr. Peter Lillback counters the claims that Christianity must only reside in the walls of the church by pointing America’s Founding Fathers and historical documents that prove Christianity’s incontrovertible influence on our nation at large.

George Washington PROVIDENCE 12 Reasons Why I BELIEVE: Solid Evidence for the Christian Faith Trojan Horses: Exposing the Secret Schemes of the Left
George Washington PROVIDENCE
Suggested Donation $15.00

George Washington PROVIDENCE carefully and accurately captures the great themes in Washington’s life that still touch all of us today. Beautifully illustrated, each page is a delightful lesson about his legacy of faith.

12 Reasons Why I Believe will help you clarify your thinking on the foundational issues of faith such as Creation, Heaven and Hell, the Virgin Birth, the Resurrection, the Holy Spirit, the return of Christ, and more. You will be equipped to clearly articulate and better defend why you believe.

In Trojan Horses you will discover how liberals tout socialism, open borders, abortion, and gender issues as good and right in America. Go inside the “belly of the beasts” as we expose every stealthily clad deception.

Saving Christianity: The Danger in Undermining Our Faith and What You Can Do about It New Every Morning - Revised!!! Here We Stand: A Generational Call to the Radical Kingdom of God

In Saving Christianity, Dr. Youssef confronts the dangerous ideas that are coming from within the church, including the outright acceptance of sin. He shows how what’s left is nothing but “moralism that is not transforming lives.” But he doesn’t leave you there.

The Bible tells us that God’s mercies are new every morning. Through daily heart-stirring meditations, New Every Morning addresses the issues most critical to believers today to help us draw closer to God, understand Scripture more clearly, and apply it to our lives. Find inspiration in the teaching of Dr. D. James Kennedy, as he leads you into God’s presence with New Every Morning.

How do you change the world for Christ? According to Scripture, you do it by standing for justice, by showing forth kindness, and by walking in humility with our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ (Micah 6:8). You change the world by relying on the power of the Holy Spirit, as you shine the light of truth in dark places. Yet, down through the ages, the lives of those God used to change the world bear the distinct imprint of preparation. Here We Stand is a call for those who have ears to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church. It’s a call to make a radical commitment to Christ and His kingdom. It’s a call to change yourself, change the Church, and change the world.

The Coming Socialist Wave: Biblical Answers to Socialist Lies Truth in Action Q&A - What's Wrong With Medicare For All? Truth in Action Q&A - What is Judicial Tyranny?

Karl Marx is back. Thirty years after the Soviet empire collapsed, Marx is more popular than ever in the hearts and minds of America’s 62 million millennials. How did this happen? The Coming Socialist Wave provides solid truth and clear answers to help you understand this coming threat to life and liberty.


Like so many promises of socialism, "Medicare for All" sounds great until you realize what it actually is. The Truth in Action Q & A booklet, What's Wrong with Medicare for All? explains in concise and easy-to-understand language what the issues are from a Biblical perspective.


The Truth in Action Q & A booklet, What is Judicial Tyranny? examines whether we are still a nation governed by laws and a Constitution, or whether we are under the tyranny of unelected judges.

Truth in Action Q&A - What Does the Bible Teach About Homosexuality? Truth in Action Q&A - Can There Be Peace in the Middle East? Truth in Action Q&A - Is Evolution True?

The Truth in Action Q & A booklet, What Does the Bible Teach about Homosexuality? addresses some of the common arguments in support of homosexuality and lays out the teaching of Scripture, including the condemnation of homosexual conduct and the redemptive reach of God’s love. This booklet provides tools to affirm the individual but not their sin and it would make a wonderful resource to share.


In the Truth in Action Q & A booklet, Can There Be Peace in the Middle East? we look at the claims of both Israelis and Palestinians for the land of Israel, including: key talking points, answers to common questions, Islamic teachings against the Jews, “the just war” concept, and more.


The Truth in Action Q & A booklet, Is Evolution True? examines Darwin’s theory of naturalistic evolution—showing that it is not supported by evidence despite widespread acceptance. This easy-to-digest booklet provides well-reasoned answers to some of the most common arguments put forward by evolutionists.

Truth in Action Q&A - Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? The D. James Kennedy Topical Study Bible Thieves of Liberty
Thieves of Liberty
Donation: $25.00

With opinions so widely varying about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, what should we believe? Did Jesus rise from the dead? And does it even matter? The Truth in Action Q & A booklet, Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? examines these questions and provides answers that will reaffirm your faith.

The D. James Kennedy Topical Study Bible is perhaps the most ambitious project this ministry has undertaken. This incredible resource offers you a vast collection of notes, commentaries, and articles featuring Dr. D. James Kennedy’s personal insight from over 50 years of study of God’s Word and Christian ministry.

2-DVD Set

This 2-DVD set contains two of Dr. D. James Kennedy’s classic sermons that show the true historical foundations of our nation and the importance of keeping God in the public square.

The Founders’ Key: The Divine and Natural Connection Between the Declaration and the Constitution and What We risk by Losing It CENSORING THE TRUTH: Facebook, Google, and the New Media Gatekeepers CHANGE THE SENATE – CHANGE AMERICA

Written by Dr. Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College, this powerful book is an excellent discussion of the inseparable relationship between the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Single DVD

This compelling documentary exposes the far-Left’s efforts to marginalize Christian and conservative voices by labeling them as “hateful,” and then using this designation as a pretext for censoring their speech and banning them from internet media platforms.

Constitutionally speaking, Congress is the most important branch of government. That is not how it is perceived today, however. The key to returning it to its true constitutional status, however, may just be found in this booklet.

AMERICA’S GREATEST HERO: Honoring God’s Role in America’s Founding The New Gatekeepers: Censoring Christians in the Digital age The Bible and the Constitution: A sermon by D. James Kennedy
Single DVD

In this fascinating review of history prior the arrival of the Pilgrims in North America, Dr. Kennedy shows how none of the efforts of those who had earlier set their sights on these shores succeeded due to God’s guiding hand.

Four Big Tech companies have become the new “gatekeepers” of information and knowledge—allowing only those to pass who espouse their preferred ideology. This book explains what’s at stake, and gives you specific steps to take to protect your freedoms.

Single DVD

In recognition of the 200th anniversary of the drafting of the United States Constitution, Dr. D. James Kennedy preached a message reminding Americans of the connection between the Constitution and the Bible.

Killer Angel: A Biography of Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger A Strong Constitution: What Would America Look Like if We Followed the Law? 7 Men Who Ruled the World from the Grave

Every person who wants to know the truth about Margaret Sander and the despicable roots of America’s modern abortion movement should read this book. It will impact your life and sharpen your views.

Today government bureaucrats and elected officials often act as if they are above the law. However, the Constitution was clearly intended to foster a government of “We the people” that facilitates ordered liberty. Find out what is required to restore Constitutional government to our nation.

The bodies of seven men, including Darwin and Marx, have long turned to dust, but their influence continues. Dave Breese deposes these “gods of the mind” and explains in clear terms why Christians need to understand their respective ideas.

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