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D. James Kennedy Ministries


  • Introducing People to Jesus Christ

    • Preaching and teaching God’s Word through media and “in ways yet undreamed of

  • Nurturing and Encouraging Christians

    • Assisting Christians and churches in spiritual growth and training them to transform the culture

  • Reforming Cultures

    • Encouraging religious liberty by proclaiming the Lordship of Christ and America’s Christian heritage, and lovingly applying principles to all cultures and spheres of life

Our Vision:

D. James Kennedy Ministries seeks to communicate through media, and in “ways yet undreamed of,” the Gospel, the Lordship of Christ, and a biblically informed view of the world, so that “Jesus Christ be known throughout all of the Earth and that everywhere He might be trusted, loved, and served.”

Core Values:


  • Communicating biblical truths with love and without compromise

  • Transforming the culture for Christ

  • Equipping and mobilizing the Church to engage the culture

  • Upholding the standards of passion, excellence, and integrity in all we do