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America For God Suicide Is A Viable Option A Nation Worth Fighting For (4-CD set)
America for God
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Dr. D. James Kennedy delivered this challenging message on July 4, 1986, in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D. C., for the 3rd Continental Congress on the Christian Worldview. Is suicide a viable option? Today many are saying "Yes." But that notion is only possible in a secular worldview says Dr. D. James Kennedy in this full-length sermon. These four messages could not be more timely. Is our nation still worth fighting for? If so how can we fan the flame of liberty in the hearts of God's people to rise to the challenge?
The End Times Combo God Loves a Hilarious Giver Modern Myths Exposed (Book)
The End Times / Combo
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This set, entitled The End Times: A Historical Perspective, includes the book and 3-CD set of Dr. D. James Kennedy’s six messages about the end times, and a useful 9 x 27 inch accordion-fold Christian History Timelines chart that provides a helpful timeline of leading church doctrine about this topic. Together, this set of resources will answer key questions about the end days and the Second Coming of Christ—subjects that have drawn many questions within the church.

How is it possible to be a cheerful giver, even a "hilarious" one? In this full-length sermon, Dr. D. James Kennedy shares why we can give cheerfully of our tithes and offerings, and he tells the stories of a number of Christians who have done so and have seen God open the “windows of heaven” to bless them. Volume 1 of The Kennedy Collection
Dr. D. James Kennedy demolishes four modern myths, such as "all religions are basically the same," with biblical truth.