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The End Times Combo Lord of All Aquarius
The End Times / Combo
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Book & 3 CDs
This set, entitled The End Times: A Historical Perspective, includes the book and 3-CD set of Dr. D. James Kennedy’s six messages about the end times, and a useful 9 x 27 inch accordion-fold Christian History Timelines chart that provides a helpful timeline of leading church doctrine about this topic. Together, this set of resources will answer key questions about the end days and the Second Coming of Christ—subjects that have drawn many questions within the church.
This hardcover, 320 page book by D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe, helps Christians discover what Scripture says about all of life. Each page reminds readers of the truth that God, the Maker of all, is sovereign not just over spiritual things, but over all of life. He is Lord of all.
Make Your Life Count: Discover God's Plan for the Rest of Your Life America Adrift Capricorn
America Adrift
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Make Your Life Count: Discover God’s Plan For the Rest of Your Life explores how to align yourself with God’s plan and purposes and live a life that counts for Christ’s glory. The book includes Biblical insight and collaborative teaching from Dr. Frank Wright, Dr. Karen Van Til Gushta, John Rabe, and Dr. Jerry Newcombe.

America is adrift, said Dr. D. James Kennedy, in this speech delivered in Charlotte, North Carolina, on March 21, 1988. “We do not know where we are going because we have forgotten from whence we came."