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The Bankruptcy of Socialism We The People - Under Attack A Christian Manifesto
A Christian Manifesto
Donation: 20.00
Does the Bible teach Socialism, the system whereby the government either owns the means of production or controls it along with the systems of distribution? As Dr. D. James Kennedy shows in this full-length sermon, what the Bible teaches in Act 5:3-4 is the very antithesis of socialism. Each year, Americans now wait to see if the Supreme Court will continue to allow us our constitutional rights, or if the nine justices will replace them with new “rights” (like abortion and homosexual sodomy) invented from whole cloth. That is not the system our founders gave us! This powerful DVD program uncovers the truth. In this chillingly relevant sermon, the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer warns against the societal trend towards humanism and what it means for religious freedom in America. A Christian Manifesto is a wake-up call for followers of Christ to rise and combat the intrusion of government power on the inalienable rights given to us by our Creator.
Returning To Our Roots Christ in the Heart
Returning to our Roots
Donation: 15.00
Donation: 15.00
In this full-length message delivered by Dr. Kennedy at Briarwood Presbyterian Church on the text of Psalm 33:8-12, he talks about our nation’s Christian roots and the need to return to them. This short book contains eight key messages on the subject of giving, from a man who practiced it in his own life and taught it consistently from his pulpit, Dr. D. James Kennedy. Each message gives hope and promise and shows the way to achieve true Freedom From Financial Fear. Spiritual drifting doesn't require any deliberative decision or definite purpose to deny God. It takes a definite decision of our will to come to Christ, but not to deny Him. Note well: it takes no such definite decision to drift away. All you have to do is nothing! Nothing at all!