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Parental Rights Expose & TAKEDOWN The End Times Combo The Road Back To Sanity Combo
The End Times / Combo
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Discover how the family is being systematically torn asunder by the Left!

Book & 3 CDs
This set, entitled The End Times: A Historical Perspective, includes the book and 3-CD set of Dr. D. James Kennedy’s six messages about the end times, and a useful 9 x 27 inch accordion-fold Christian History Timelines chart that provides a helpful timeline of leading church doctrine about this topic. Together, this set of resources will answer key questions about the end days and the Second Coming of Christ—subjects that have drawn many questions within the church.
Book & 4 DVDs
This timely and relevant set contains the four compelling DVDs from The Road Back to Sanity series of television specials as well as the insightful book from which the series is named—The Road Back to Sanity: Finding Our Way Home from Cultural Delusion. Together, these outstanding resources will give you a Scriptural foundation for addressing some of the most challenging issues America faces today, and will also equip you to stand on behalf of biblical truth in a society that is marginalizing Christianity.
Set of Fast Facts Cards Who Is This Jesus (Book + DVD) The Threat of Radical Islam
Set of Fast Facts Cards
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Who Is This Jesus (Book + DVD)
Suggested Donation $30.00
These handy 5.5 x 8.5 cards share key facts and give you ready answers from the Bible to share with others on each of these topics: "How I Know the Bible is God's Word," "The Truth About Separation of Church and State," and "The Supreme Court, Same-Sex 'Marriage,' and Religious Liberty." Christianity comes down to one question: What happened Easter morning? The book and DVD in this unique set answer that question, addressing claims of skeptics and doubters and giving biblical and scientific evidence that Jesus walked out of the tomb on resurrection day morning and is alive today! This set of seven full-length messages by Dr. D. James Kennedy lays out the threats presented by radical Muslims and explains the danger everyone who gets in their way faces—especially Christians.
America at the Tipping Point Lord of All
This 7-CD set contains seven full-length messages by Dr. D. James Kennedy on the true Christian foundations of the United States. In a day when secularists are denying America's Christian roots and revisionist historians are erasing our true history, it has never been more important to know and understand the true history of America's founding.
The Lord of All study curriculum includes a 7-DVD video teaching series hosted by Dr. Jerry Newcombe, the 320-page hardcover book, Lord of All: Developing a Christian World-an-Life View, and a helpful study guide.