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Rock Solid - Heavenly Wise Modern Myths Exposed What America Needs Most
What America Needs Most
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Our present economic distress has the same source as the distress the Israelites faced in the time of Malachi the prophet. In this full-length message by Dr. D. James Kennedy, you'll discover the solution that God gave to Israel is still the solution today for our economic problems. Dr. D. James Kennedy was a true “myth buster.” As this set of four full-length sermons demonstrates, he never missed the opportunity to preach biblical truth in the face of the common myths of today’s culture. .

After Solomon's temple was completed, he prayed and God appeared to him at night and told him He had heard his prayer. God then gave Solomon a message that we all need to hear, 2 Chronicles 7:14; the great command from God to his people to repent.
God And Country Man is Basically Good 10 Truths About America's Christian Heritage
God And Country
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What should be the relationship between “God and country” in our nation today? In this full-length message, preached from the text of Psalm 33:12, Dr. D. James Kennedy shows that if our nation is to continue to be preserved, America must once again seek the proper relationship between “God and country.” Is there an innate sense of good in mankind or does the human race have an unavoidable proclivity towards sin? Dr. D. James Kennedy addresses this question in this full-length sermon and shows the truth about humankind according to the Bible. America was founded as a nation built on Christian principles and beliefs. Yet that fact is denied in history books and schools across our nation. This handy paperback book reveals America's true origins and the strength that is ours if we will only claim that heritage.